What to expect

If this is your first time visiting MBC / a church, you may feel nervous about your first visit / have some questions about what happens here!  And don't worry, we expected you would!  Here a few common questions / answers about peoples first experiences in church.  Any further questions can be directed to our church email address, where we will be happy to help with any further queries!

What is the dress code? ... People who come to our church are of all shapes and sizes, and likewise, our dress sense is equally varied!  Some people are comfortable in suits / ties, others in smart casual, others in casual attire ... even the odd hoodies has been known!  As long as your outfit is modest, please come in what makes you comfortable / as you are!  Ultimately, as you will discover during your time here, God is not interested in the external appearance of a person, but rather what is going on in their heart!

Do I have to give money to the church? ... We do not encourage giving by first time visitors, as the work and ministries of this church are meant to be a free gift to you (reflecting the free gift of grace we have been given by Christ Jesus).  Ultimately, giving is an act of worship and stems from a thankfulness towards God for all that He has done for you in Christ Jesus.  Therefore, we only encourage those who have accepted Christ as their Saviour, and are either in regular attendance at this church or another likeminded church, to give to the work.  If you would like to give please use the box at the back of the church, to ensure your gift is given discretely / in confidence.   

What happens if the service make me feel challenged? ... Bible preaching should always invoke a response, and this is something you may never have experienced in your life before!  If you feel that the service has challenged you in a particular way ... please speak to the Pastor / speaker / someone in the church you trust. They'd be more than happy to talk things through with you / pray with you / provide Biblical counsel on the way forward.