Milton Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church in Stoke-on-Trent. The church has served Milton Village and the surrounding neighbourhoods since 1986, and in 2013 we opened a new church facility on Meadow Street.  We love Jesus, love His Word and seek to love another.  We clearly emphasise expository Bible teaching and preaching in our meetings, trying both to show the relevance of God's Word for today as well as challenging believers in their call to be Christ's disciples.  Our church is not only evangelical, but also evangelistic. We are committed to Christ's Great Commission, both at home and abroad, actively supporting worldwide missionary endeavour. 

The congregation consists of every age group, background and several different nationalities.  The church is premillennial, dispensational, and non-Charismatic. As well as hosting various community groups throughout the week, the church serves the local branch of PWMI (Prophetic Witness Movement International) and as the base for the Theological College of North Staffordshire, a ministry of the church dedicated to training the next generation of pastors.