We have informal fellowship with multiple independent Baptist / free Bible churches across our local area (North Staffordshire and South Cheshire) and the UK.  These churches partner with us in a shared vision for the preaching of The Word, in the proclamation of the gospel to the lost and, in some instances, in the training of pastors via the Theological College of North Staffordshire (TCNS).  Please check out their websites for further details of their ministries and activities in Gospel ministry.  

We are also a member of the North Staffordshire Fellowship of Evangelical Churches (NoSFEC) - an informal fellowship of independent Bible churches in North Staffordshire and South Cheshire.  To find out more please visit their website (the link for this is


Milton Baptist Church supports a variety of ministries, which share our for worldwide evangelisation of the lost.  The ministries we support include:

Prophetic Witness International Movement (PWMI)

Prophetic Witness Movement International (PWMI) is an evangelical and interdenominational movement which upholds the premillennial and pretribulational understanding of the Bible.  Milton Baptist Church is a local branch of the PWMI movement, regularly holding PWMI conferences / events.  David, our pastor, frequently speaks nationally at PWMI meetings about Biblical prophecy and its significance in the church today.  

Reformers Unanimous

Reformers Unanimous (RU) is a bible based, Christ-centred recovery program designed to rescue, recover and restore those in addictive behaviours with the power of the hidden life found only in Jesus Christ.  We support the work of RU and have our own RU meetings Friday nights here at the church (please see our meetings section of the website).  The ministry has it's own rehabilitation centre, the New Hope Residential Centre in Ireland, which seeks to help men recover from addictions whilst presenting them with the message of The Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ.  For more information, click on this Video link to hear a testimony, and the above logo to visit their website.

The Society for Distribution of Hebrew Scriptures

The Society for Distribution of Hebrew Scriptures (SDHS) is a Bible based evangelical ministry which seeks to honour the Hebrew heritage of The Word of God, seeking to give back to the Jewish people their Scriptures (The Old and New Testaments) in bilingual format (Hebrew and another language).  Check out their website to find out more about their ministry and how you can support their efforts.

North Cotes College (New Tribes Mission)

North Cotes College is New Tribes Mission European Bible and Missionary training College, situated in rural Lincolnshire.  The college offers a variety of courses, including Biblical studies, cross-cultural communications and applied linguistics, and grounds all students in the foundational truths of The Scripture.  The mission statement of the College is "a place where Christians study the Bible and learn how to communicate its amazing message to those of other cultures and languages".  Pastor Moore regularly comes to North Cotes College to help teach the students aspects of Biblical theology.  To understand more, please visit the college website or check out this video.

The Soldiers' and Airmen's Scripture Readers Association (SASRA)

The Soldiers' and Airmen's Scripture Readers Association (SASRA) is a group of committed Christians and gifted evangelists who have served in one or other of the UK Armed Forces.  Their main purpose of SASRA is evangelisation; the declaration of the Gospel of salvation through repentance and faith in Christ alone to all service personnel who will listen.  We have sent one of our the Bible students from The Theological College of North Staffordshire to be a Scripture reader for SASRA and continue to uphold their ministry in prayer and through hosting speakers to share their ministry in our church.    

Answers in Genesis (AiG)

Answers in Genesis (AiG) is an international apologetics ministry dedicated to equipping Christians to defend their Christian faith, particularly with relation to the book of Genesis.  The ministry produces hundreds of resources, including books, journals and videos, helping to answer common questions about the Bible, creation, evolution, the age of the earth, theology, science and the Christian worldview.  We have hosted speakers from AiG in the church, support regional meetings AiG hold in the area and recommend their materials as useful in the equipping of the saints in the defence of their faith.

Armenian Ministries

Armenian ministries is an evangelical outreach to the people within Armenia.  They aim to make the Word of God known to the people of Armenia, as well as providing physical help and assistance to the poor and needy in the country.  This means they help with the distribution of Bibles, equip local Christians to teach the Word, run children's camps and help with humanitarian aid projects.  We regularly send knitted clothes, courtesy of our Knitter's and Natter's Ministry, to be distributed as part of their efforts.

Messianic Testimony

Founded in 1977 following the merger of the Mildmay Mission to the Jews and the Hebrew Christian Testimony to Israel, Messianic Testimony seeks to share the great news that Jesus Christ (Yeshua) is the Jewish Messiah.  They provide speakers to churches on request, produce a variety of literature for the Jewish audience and seek to engage the Christian churches in this most urgent mission.  They also have a vocal trio, Hebron, which presents the Biblical message of the Messiah in song. We have hosted Messianic Testimony speakers at our church in the past.

Labour in Faith and Trust (LIFT)

Labour in Faith and Trust (LIFT) is a Christian mission organisation dedicated to the provision of skilled and unskilled Christian volunteers in teams for short term mission trips around the world.  LIFT recognises that Christians aren't all preachers and teachers, but all Christians can be used in God's service in the mission of spreading The Gospel around the globe, whether these Christians have specific professionals skills to offer or not.  One of the founding members, Gary Moore, has spoken at the church in the past.